THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between Slate Venues LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Slate”) as further defined in this Agreement; and the Bride, Groom, or person responsible for the Event, (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Host"). 


Slate is a privately held company located at 2701 Custer Parkway, Suite 905, Richardson, Texas 75080.  

At times, it may be essential and necessary for Slate to arrange for the services of independent contractors to manage, provide services and/or operate Slate and assist Slate in its goal of functioning as an event venue for Weddings/Receptions/Events.


NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the aforementioned Preface and the promises and covenants contained therein and other valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Host and Slate agree as follows:

1. Term. The term of this agreement shall be limited to the date of the Wedding/Reception/Event, as well as, those times necessary to prepare for that event. The preparation/decorating times shall be requested by the Host and agreed to by Slate before the Host schedules vendor visits to the facility. 

2. Assumption of Risk. Using Slate for a Wedding/Reception/Event carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary from one activity to another and can vary from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries.  However, in the absence of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Slate will not be responsible for any injuries to any parties in attendance at the Wedding/Reception/Event. 

3. Liability. Slate has the right to inspect and control all private functions.  Slate will not be held responsible for anyone leaving the premises intoxicated.  All guests consuming alcoholic beverages must have proper photo identification. All decorations must be approved by Slate.

4. Waiver of Liability. The Host agrees to release, waive, discharge and covenants not to sue Slate or any service provider of Slate, from any and all liabilities, claims, losses, demands, or causes of action, except in the event of gross negligence of Slate, that may arise from or be related to any loss, damage, accident, illness, or injury, including death, which may be sustained by the Host or the Host's guests while attending the Wedding/Reception Event at Slate. 

5. Hold Harmless and Indemnification. To the extent allowed by law, the Host agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Slate from and against every loss, claim, expense (including attorney's fees and costs), liability or payment by reason of any damages or injury to person to the extent that such injury, death or damage is caused by the actual or claimed tortuous conduct (active or passive) of the Host or the Host's guests. 

6. Medical Authorization.

6.1  Slate Medical Policy.  It is the policy of Slate that in the event of injury, 911 will be called immediately.

6.2  Costs.  The Host agrees that Slate will not accept responsibility for any costs related to the call. The Host agrees that any bills sent to Slate will be forwarded to the Host for payment.

7. Payments.

7.1  Quote. An individual quote will be prepared outlining the services to be provided during your event. This quote will include base services, plus any additional services. 

7.2  Deposit. A $750 deposit of the total quote is required at the signing of this agreement.

7.3  Installments.  Total remaining after $750 deposit.  50% is due at 90 days prior to event and remainder of balance is due by 30 days prior to event. 

7.4  Event Cancellation. If your event is cancelled due to no fault of Slate, the entire dollar amount of deposit and installments will be retained by Slate. If a final payment is due, an invoice may be sent at the discretion of Slate to Host. 

7.5  Payments to Third Parties. The Host hereby acknowledges that the Host's signature on this Agreement obligates the Host to pay for any third-party services requested by the Host. Slate will NOT be responsible for paying any third parties in connection with this event. 

7.6  NO Pro-Rating of Services. The full amount of the quote is due regardless of whether or not all services are used. A reduction in the number of anticipated guests does not obligate Slate to in any way reduce the original quote.

7.7  NO PARTIAL REFUNDS. If your Event is shut down early for any reason deemed appropriate by Slate Staff and/or Security on premises, the Host will not be reimbursed any monies from Slate. 

7.8  Method of Payment. Slate reserves the right to dictate method of payment and reserves the right to refuse a particular type of payment and demand certified funds. Should a check be returned to Slate for any reason, Slate may require that all future payments be made in certified funds (i.e. the form of cashier's check, certified check, or money order). A service charge of $50.00 per returned check will be assessed to cover bank fees and processing charges.

8. Lost Items. The Host understands that Slate will not be held liable for any items lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged. The Host is responsible to confirm that there are no items of Host left at Slate. Any items left will be donated to charity or discarded.

9. Termination. This agreement is binding and may not be terminated by the Host. However, Slate reserves the right to terminate this agreement for non-payment. Upon termination of this agreement for non-payment, the Host forfeits all rights to any previous payments, as well as the reserved date of the event. 

10. Use of Performances and Copyright Policy. Slate may from time-to-time take pictures and or moving images during the set-up, take down, or the actual event. These images will remain the property of Slate and maybe used for advertising by Slate. 

11. Rules and Regulations. Slate has established rules and regulations to protect the safety of the Host, guests, and facility.  Unless otherwise specifically stated, the following instances constitute a breach in this agreement. Additionally, those who are violating the rules, whether it is guests or the Host can and will be removed from the Wedding/Reception Event.

11.1 Absolutely NO SMOKING inside the ballroom. Any violators will be removed from the premises immediately and not be allowed to return. Smoking is allowed outside on the patio area.

11.2 Slate staff and Security reserve the right to remove any guests that are exhibiting inappropriate behavior (i.e., destruction of property, fighting, drunkenness, smoking in the building, unauthorized entry into the facility, etc.). The guest will be asked to leave immediately by Slate staff and/or Security and not allowed to re-enter.

11.3 The Host’s Responsibility.  The Host acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the actions of the Host's guests while they are on Slate premises. The Host shall maintain an appropriate level of decorum throughout the time those guests are present at Slate. 

11.4 Extension in Term.  The Host agrees to abide by the time limits established for this Event, to promptly terminate its function and to vacate the premises no later than the ending hour established herein.  Should extensions in time be desired, and providing Slate is willing and/or able to comply with such request, Host agrees to pay the then established additional charge for such extension.  

11.5 No Illegal Activity. The Host will not allow any guest to engage in any illegal activity or behavior that may disturb Slate neighbors. All actions taken at Slate will be performed in a lawful, prudent, and safe manner and will not interfere with Slate operations. The Host will be responsible for maintaining compliance of all applicable Health Department and TABC regulations.

11.6 Security.  It is required that a security officer be present at any event in which alcohol is served. Slate will be responsible for arranging and hiring of security. This fee will be assessed to the client’s final invoice.

11.7 No Firearms. There should be NO firearms on the Premises at any time.

12. Catering.  Any caterer that is not on the approved vendor list must be approved by Slate.

13. Damages. Host agrees that it is liable and shall reimburse Slate for the full value of any and all damages or losses caused to the premises or to third party persons or their property, by the Host, or the Host’s guests, representatives, or associates.  To the extent allowed by law, Slate reserves the right to file a claim and/or suit against the Host for any damages sustained as a result of the Wedding/Reception Event held by the Host.  

14. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, regardless of the place of its execution or performance. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures specified in this Section 14, which shall be the sole and exclusive procedures for the resolution of any such disputes.

14.1 All negotiations pursuant to this clause are confidential and shall be treated as compromise and settlement negotiations for purposes of applicable rules of evidence.

14.2 Mediation. If any dispute has not been resolved by negotiation, the Parties shall endeavor to settle the dispute by mediation provided, however, that if one party fails to participate in the negotiation as provided herein, the other party can initiate mediation prior to the expiration of 45 days. Unless otherwise agreed, the Parties will select a mediator located within Collin County, Texas.

15. Notices. Each party giving or making any notice, request, demand or other communication (each, a "Notice") pursuant to this Agreement shall give the Notice in writing and use one of the following methods of delivery, each of which for purposes of this Agreement is a writing: personal delivery, Registered or Certified Mail (in each case, return receipt requested and postage prepaid), nationally recognized overnight courier (with all fees prepaid), or facsimile. 

16. Amendments. The Parties may amend this Agreement only by a written agreement of the parties that identifies itself as an amendment to this Agreement. 

17. Force Majeure. The Parties shall not be liable for failure to perform under the terms and conditions of this Agreement if such failure is caused by or due to the acts or regulations of public authorities, labor difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic or any cause beyond the control of the parties, excluding economic hardship, changes in market conditions, and insufficiency of funds.

18. Acknowledgement and Understanding. The Host hereby acknowledges that he/she has completely read and fully understands the terms of this Agreement.  The Host signs this Agreement freely and voluntarily and with sound mind. 

19. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

20. Captions. The descriptive headings of the Sections and subsections of this Agreement are for convenience only. The do not constitute a part of this Agreement, and do not affect this Agreement's construction or interpretation. 

21. Miscellaneous Information.  Slate reserves the right to refuse any booking, which, at its sole discretion, is considered inappropriate or inconsistent with the well-being of the facility.  No out-of-state checks will be accepted. All entertainment, disc jockeys, etc. not contracted through Slate will be responsible for their own equipment set-up, tables, and linen.

Effective 1/1/2016, Subject to Change